Shifts In The Coaching Industry

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Historically the coaching industry has been filled with a general sense of paying for blueprints and guides to building a business/life someone else has created and deemed ‘perfect’ or ‘The Dream’.

Pay me $10,000 and I will show you how to live your best life, dream life, run a 6 figure business, grow your Instagram following to 100k…

For so long, what was really being sold were instructions on how to create THEIR life and/or business. How to replicate what the coach has built and created. This was done under the guise of, “well I love it so you must do too” and “I want these goals so you must do too”.

Don’t get me wrong, I have signed up for many a program that promised me success as long as I did XY and Z how I was told to.

But, in hindsight, I realised these programs and courses never worked for me because they missed out one fundamental step – the very basic place to start from. They didn’t enable or encourage me to set my own goals, dreams and ideas of success. They simply presumed that I would want what the creator wanted.

Today, thankfully, there’s been a shift into coaches being there to help and support YOU in creating the life YOU crave, to achieve the success that sets YOUR soul on fire.

And this lights me up.

For a long time I wanted to coach, in fact, I was already coaching anyone who’d let me 🙂 But I didn’t want to put myself out there as a coach because I knew I didn’t want to create a blueprint and instruction manual for people to follow to live my life. Yes, it’s pretty awesome but it’s also tailored to me.

My dreams and ambitions include financial freedom (that doesn’t have to be in the form of a 6 figure income), making an impact in global education standards, location independence, empowering women to love life to the beat of their own drum, and (long term) a community Development Lodge in Africa.

digital nomad working in a tent in the rain

This pic is of me living my glamorous, location independent lifestyle of working from anywhere

Now, the coaching industry is shifting into a space in which people are encouraged to dream big, to envisage what they want their life and business to look like, and to set their own goals. It’s a place where people are encouraged to dig deep, to discover the things they love to do and to build a business and a life around those.

Blueprints and instructions have been replaced with ideas, suggestions and guidelines that are tailored to your end goals and your preferences. Coaches guide and nudge you into taking aligned and playful actions, they focus on supporting you through the ickiness, keeping up momentum and moving along your own path to the destination of your choice.

These days coaching all about you, not about the coach.

So, scroll down to the comments and tell me what your goals are and what’s holding you back from moving towards them?

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