Get To Know Me

There’s no playing big or playing small.

It’s all just playing

Hello Wild & Precious One!

I’m so glad you found your way here.

There’s no place for should do, must do and what-ifs, in the world. All there is, is us being exactly who we’re meant to be. Making our way through life in the way that’s exactly right for us.

This rebellion started with a fire that I didn’t even know was smouldering away inside me.

Until I fell into the world of self development. The world of 5am wake ups, journalling, meditation, courses, webinars, coaches, programs, packages.

Of it all being on you – you have to do better, be more and learn faster.

If something doesn’t work, you have to try something else.

You have to keep striving, hunting, hustling and manifesting.

It’s your responsibility to make things happen, to invest in yourself, to get better, to actively design the life you dream of.


And when nothing happens, that failure is all on you too.

I lived the life that was expected of me, dampening down the whisper inside me that was quietly trying to nudge me off the beaten path.

I let that whisper get drowned out by all the noise of what I should be doing, how I should be doing it, all the things I should know, all the variations of myself I should be.

I have been where you are now; feeling overwhelmed, trying to do it all and do it better.

Constantly looking for the magic pill, the thing that was going to change my life. That thing that was going to make me happy.

Always looking at everyone else’s results and blaming myself for not getting the same thing.

Living a life in which I am constantly hankering for more, for the next level, the vision board, the end result.

Instead I want to live in, and love, the here and now.

I want to spend my days doing whatever the hell I want, playfully taking action, spending time doing things that set my soul on fire, exploring and adventuring my way through life.

The reality is simple. Perhaps too simple.

We are enough. We know enough.
It’s your drum.
It’s your intuition nudging you.

I’m Lottie, the Rebel Coach and I work with people like you.

I’m a nomad, trained primary school teacher, pretend coffee drinker, tiny home dweller, big dreamer, perpetual globetrotter, hot yoga junkie, sporadic travel blogger, chatterbox and listener, avid podcast listener, social enterprise Founder, Female Travel Blogger admin and web developer.

Together, you and I will get you off the beaten path of ‘do this’, ‘learn this, be like that’ and onto a path that sets the deepest parts of your soul on white hot fire.

We will rebel against the idea that we need to improve, to self develop, to get better, to do anything differently. Against the idea that we need to do, be and know more.

I don’t have a one size fits all program. I work with the Cazzies and Lolas of the world; dreamers, multipotentialites, passionate women who are ready to live life to the beat of their own drum.

The Nitty Gritty…

I speak fluent sarcasm ✨

I left the bright lights of London’s primary classrooms to live overseas ✈️

I’ve lived on 4 continents and traveled 6 ?

I have a Psychology degree ✨

I lived in a caravan for 3 years traveling South Africa and then camped (in the world’s tiniest 2 man tent) my way through Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Botswana ⛺️

I now live on a narrowboat in the UK that I designed myself ?

I love supporting women to live life to the beat of their own drum ?

I spend a lot of time with my dog and boyfriend but he’s not as pretty so gets featured in less photos ?

I’ve set up a social enterprise and send volunteers to Africa to take help bridge the gap in international teaching standard ?

My long-standing nickname is Princess because of my love for anything pink and sparkly ??

I like wine ?

I talk. A lot. ?


Client Love

As someone who’s never followed society’s “rules” it was hard to find a coach who understood me and what I’m doing with my life. But Lottie gets it because she’s living the same less traditional path.
If you’re wanting to live outside the box and want someone who can help you live that life, I highly recommend seeing if Lottie is the right person to help guide you through it. I know she is for me!

~ Heidi.

I thought I had a pretty good handle on where I was in my business. After discussions, questionings and deliberation with Lottie, she came up with a new way of delivering what was needed. It felt much more natural and instinctual.
We got a plan of action sorted and began to work our way through. A new skill for me was writing a blog piece and it all just felt like too big a task, with a blank screen in front of me. Lottie told me how to approach it and how to get around the blank page and the fear of getting it right from the start.
During our time together, Lottie was my sounding board, my editor in chief, my friend and my confidant. I cannot tell you how influential our face to face collaboration was, what we achieved in working so closely together was astounding. Lottie has a knack for words, a knack for writing and a knack for pulling out what it is you actually want.
Lottie has a skill of helping you see things more clearly and to steer you into what feels right, not because you feel it should be done the same old way. She gives you permission to explore and follow the adventure and to work in ways that are fun and exciting.

~ Sam W.

I felt Lottie completely understood my situation and working through my intentions with her was extremely comfortable as she gently teased out all of the key areas of my personal and professional growth that I was feeling challenged by. I had previously had months of coaching, yet with Lottie, we drilled right down to the foundation of my ‘WHY’ and began to build some personal goals on that in such a short time.
It was like flicking a switch, with the biggest realisation being I didn’t have to have the same goals and compare myself to all other the other people leaping from their corporate careers and really could take a less traditional path that works for me. I now have so much more clarity.

~ Mandy M.