The Soulful Co-Nourishing Club

It’s time to consistently nurture your soul, and your self, without adding more pressure.

If you jumped on the ‘self care’ bandwagon all guns blazing knowing you need to make time for yourself only to find that life gets in the way time and time again, you’re in the right place.

You dream of time spent pressing pause on your busy life allowing you to stop, take a breath and turn inwards.

Making time for yourself was supposed to be peaceful, joyful and simple.

It was meant to be so easy.

Instead, life has crept in.

Your days are spent looking after everyone else, getting through that to do list and focusing on moving forward.

I get it.

Every week starts with the same intention, the same promise to yourself that you’ll definitely treat yourself better, that you’ll finally make good on that promise to put yourself first just for a short time. But, before you know it, you’ve got to the end of another week and that meditation, yoga, tapping script, book, has been pushed further down the list. Again. And instead of feeling nourished and cared for, all you’ve done is make yourself feel worse for not ticking self care off your list.

You’re constantly surrounded by All The People on social media who seem to have their Sh*t together. Who are nailing their self care, whose businesses are flourishing, who put their success, contentedness, and sense of peace, down to the fact they make time to nurture themselves.

But how? How do they do it? For you the daily struggle to look after yourself is real, as is the never ending feeling that you’re not doing anything well enough, that you should have dealt with, fixed and managed your emotions by now, and should just be getting on with things in this new world. In this world that’s the same and unfamiliar at the same time. A world that has our emotions ranging from disbelief to frustration, fear and uncertainty with everything in between.

A world that there seems to be no respite from.

You’re surviving by the skin of your teeth and the idea of taking time out from All The Things to ‘do nothing’ seems impossible.

Imagine how it would feel to know that there’s a time coming up each week that’s just for you. A block of time in which you’re meant to be looking after yourself, that your sole purpose there and then is to nurture your soul, time that’s yours and yours alone. All you need to do is show up.

Imagine receiving a nudge to press pause, just for a few moments, delivered to your inbox every week. To receive a reminder that everything is as it’s meant to be and that nothing is meant to be perfect. Imagine knowing that your feelings are valid, they don’t need fixing and you don’t need changing.

How It Works
There are two parts to The ​​Soulful Co-Nourishing Club.

The weekly Love Note, delivered straight to your inbox, prompts you to take time out of your day to be present, to catch your breath and to sit down with a cup of tea and recharge. Instead of delving into a(nother) self help, development or mindset book, inside each Love Note you’ll be prompted and guided into taking small consistent action towards inner peace. Including journaling prompts, non wanky affirmations and a weekly theme for gratitude, realness and accepting imperfection, these Love Notes are your personal nudges to nourish your soul.

Think of the second part of The Soulful Co-Nourishing Club as a weekly 90 minute co-working session in which you come together alongside others and use the accountability of turning up to get shit done. But this time, instead of ticking more tasks off your To Do List, you’ll be using the dedicated time to look after yourself, to step away from the chaos of daily life and to do whatever it is that brings you a sense of peace and calm. A co-nourishing session if you will. We’ll meet as a small group and start by dedicating a Love Note to the week before, acknowledging anything that happened and the feelings we felt. We’ll then move on to each spend time on the things you keep putting off. Whether that’s a tapping script, a yoga flow, or even a pillow for a nap. We’ll then come back together to set an intention for the upcoming week (unless you’re napping and then I’ll leave you be!). You choose what you need, what your heart is calling out for. This is guilt-free time to dedicate to your own journey in mindfulness and wellbeing.

​​No more “I’ll ‘just cross one more thing off the list”

No more “i’ll make time tomorrow”

No more “they need me more”

Instead, together we will make time for you.

This is your time.

Mute the mic, turn off the camera and breathe.

Making the choice to put yourself first, even just for 90 minutes each week, is the first step. Actually doing it is the next, the hardest part. The Soulful Co-Nourishing Club ensures that you have accountability to follow through on the promises you make yourself and gives you the resources you need so that all you have to do is turn up.

Why Self Care is Important 

The demands and monotony of everyday life are often overwhelming; looking after your family, being engaged with friends, running your business, working for someone else, trying to look after your health. The list goes on.

And as the list goes on, the pressure increases and the chances of burn out, depression and anxiety, increase.

As we exist in a society that often makes us feel guilty for taking time to ourself, it’s even harder to take time for yourself. But it’s equally more important than ever.

Prioritising yourself can:

Reduce stress enabling you to relax and enjoy time spent with loved ones, working on your business, maybe even the laundry, more!

Allow time for reflection, deeper thinking and creativity to flow – all crucial elements to surviving life in the 21st century.

Improve your relationships with yourself but also with those around you.

What You Get
Inside The Soulful Co-Nourishing Club (£37/month) you will receive:

Weekly Love Notes delivered to your email every Friday filled with reminders to tune out the head chatter, tune into your intuition and to trust yourself.

Weekly non wanky affirmations (think: “I am going to shower and brush my hair today”, rather than “I give myself the care and attention that I deserve”.

Weekly journal prompts for you to bring to the self care co-nourishing session or use in your own time to work through some of the anxieties and frustrations that are in your head.

Dedicated time out each week where all you have to do is be present, catch your breath and recharge.

A monthly illustrated, physical Love Note to put pride of place on your desk / mantlepiece / bedside table / coffee machine.

PLUS: Just One Tree Life will be planting 3 trees every month on your behalf. That’s 36 trees every year that you alone will be planting <3


We’re surrounded by messages telling us everything needs to be perfect, our days need to be filled with moments of joy and happiness and anything less than that is a failure. We’re conditioned to focus on the negatives and try and fix them. The weekly Love Notes encourage you to reflect on the experiences and feelings that have come up and embrace them for what they are and have been.


Time to yourself, away from distractions, away from the promises you make to everyone else. Time to focus on the things you need to keep you grounded and at peace, to help you face each day as it comes.


It’s easy to tell ourselves we will start the daily journal practise tomorrow, that we will take 10 minutes to meditate once the laundry is done/dishes are cleaned/kids are dressed. But life creeps in. Every dam time. Join me for accountability in creating the habit of putting yourself first, starting with just 90 minutes a week. 

The Soulful co-Nourishing Club enables you to navigate your work life balance, prioritise yourself and finally make good on the commitment to nourishing your soul that you keep breaking.

The co-nourishing sessions are a place for you to down tools, drop the balls and simply be present. They allow you to build self care into your weekly schedule. To scribble away in your journal without feeling guilty for ‘just writing, tune out the head chatter with mediation without thinking you should be doing something else, actually get to the next chapter in the book that’s been open next to your bed for months.

The Love Notes nudge you into learning to lean in and trust your intuition, to live the life you crave and to find inner peace. They will tackle the feelings of self doubt and inadequacy that creep in and remind you that life is a work in progress, it’s not meant to be perfect, it’s meant to be lived and experienced exactly as you are.

The Soulful Co-Nourishing Club is for you if

You have a pile of things you want to do just for the sake of doing them but feel guilty taking time away from everything, and everyone, else.

You’re always looking after the people around you and letting your cup run dry.

You’re caught up in the belief that everyone around you lives a perfect life and yours is a hot mess.

You struggle to prioritise looking after yourself.

You want to be reminded to stop and catch your breath amidst the chaos every week.

You want to learn to trust your intuition.

You find yourself feeling overwhelmed and anxious but unable to step off the hamster wheel.

You’re convinced you need fixing but have no idea where to start (spoiler: you don’t).

You frequently feel overwhelmed by all the things you need to get done for everyone else and for your business.

You love the idea of meditating, doing a yoga class, reading a book, doing a tapping script, writing in your journal, – all the good stuff, but you just cannot find the time for it no matter how many times you promise yourself next week will be different.

You have a habit you’d like to create but need a helping hand to do so – as well as other people to keep you company along the journey.

Ready for to make the commitment to nurture your soul?

Meet your Host

Lottie Reeves | Imperfections & Reflections

Never heard of me before and wondering why you should trust me to nurture your soul?

Hi, I’m Lottie and at my very core I’m a teacher, a nurturer, a creator, and a cheerleader.

Having spent the last few years on a journey of managing my own mental health and wellbeing, and overcoming a deep rooted need to be better and do more, I’ve learned a lot about myself and what I actually need. I started the exploration from a place of desperation, a dark place in which I had no self compassion, no time for self care because I was too busy feeling angry with myself for not being good enough, for not doing and being more. I dived into self care as a way to try and fix myself. Convinced I was broken, I tried everything to fix me; 5 am wake ups, courses, webinars, coaches, programs, and packages. It became all consuming, and every time I tried something new that didn’t work, it was just another failure that weighed me down. I kept striving, hunting, hustling and manifesting but nothing changed.


Until one day I took my foot off the pedal, turned off my 5am alarm and gave myself permission to be broken – maybe that’s just how I was meant to be? What’s the point in keeping trying to fix something that’s meant to be broken.

And that’s when the shift happened. I realised I wasn’t broken, I’m not broken. I don’t need fixing, I need to give myself grace and space to live life in all its imperfection.

That’s what I’m here to teach you.

I also know I thrive best when I do make time to look after myself, not because I need fixing but because I deserve to be nourished. But, like you, I am crap at actually doing self care. I talk about it, write about it and think about it. But doing it? That takes a lot more effort.

So I’ve created The Soulful Co-Nourishing Club for me and for you. It’s a space with accountability and motivation, where we come together to stop the fraying and falling off the wagon that happens when we don’t have accountability and people to hold us. It’s the magnet that will bring you back to yourself.

“We teach best what we most need to learn.”

~ Richard Bach


How much does it cost:

£37/month on a rolling subscription which includes:

– 4 live co-nourishing session each month

– 4 weekly Love Notes each month

– 1 printed Love Note delivered to your door each month

– 3 trees planted on your behalf each month*

How does it work:

Once you’ve signed up you’ll receive a confirmation email with all the details you need. From then on, every Tuesday we will meet on Zoom to co-nourish ourselves. Weeks 1 and 3 of every month we will meet at 7:30pm GMT and weeks 2 and 4 we will meet from 11:30-1pm GMT. In addition to our time together, every Friday you will receive your weekly Love Note straight into your inbox. You can bring the journal prompts and tasks with you to our next session or work on them in your own time.

What do I need:

You can spend our time together on a Tuesday doing whatever it is that you’re struggling to make time for during the rest of the week. You know those ‘things’ you’ve been collecting, saving for when you make time for yourself? Bring them. Anything goes: breathwork, tapping, journaling, yoga, meditation, essential oils, books. This is your time to spend how you choose.

Aren’t I meant to do this stuff daily?

We’re all bombarded with messages about how cresting good, daily habits changes lives. But the reality is, we’re busy. Taking time once a week is better than no time at all. And who knows, once you’ve pressed pause on everything else for our time together, maybe it will be easier on other days too. But, if it’s not and this is the only time you dedicate to yourself each week, just know that that is more than ok too.

I don’t have anything to bring:

That’s ok! I’ve been collecting mindfulness prompts for you, me and the dog. Send me a message before your first session and I will share some of the resources I love.


Love for The Love Notes

These Love Notes are incredibly beautiful

~ Kathryn.

It’s as if you are talking directly to my heart, one on one.

~ KQ.

The Note really struck a chord – mainly in terms of imposter syndrome which I really suffer with. Especially as I start thinking about heading back to work in a few months, so I have saved it as one to look back on when I am getting hit by it.

~ JH