6 Steps To Making Your Big Thing A Reality

Do you have big dreams? Big plans that you know you’re here to implement?

There’s a belief that what we notice in other people are the things that we crave ourselves (suddenly seeing romantic couples and pregnant women everywhere when you’re single, being a prime example!) So if you’ve got the feeling people around you are DOING the big things and you’re just dreaming about them, it‘s likely because you’re eager to take action.

But achieving big things seems scary!

There’s the idea that they require big action and forcing yourself out of your comfort zone.

That’s actually not the case.

Just like walking, it all comes down to baby steps.

Over the course of 6 emails, I will send you a step a day to get you taking action and moving towards your Big Thing 🥁


Let’s get started.

It’s time to stop talking about your dreams, the things you know you’re here to do and start taking action!

Who am I to tell you how to take action towards your Big Thing?

Hi, I am Lottie

I lived the life that was expected of me, dampening down the whisper inside me that was quietly trying to nudge me off the beaten path.

I let that whisper get drowned out by all the noise of what I should be doing, how I should be doing it, all the things I should know, all the variations of myself I should be.

I have been where you are now; feeling overwhelmed, trying to do it all and do it better.

Constantly looking for the magic pill, the thing that was going to change my life. That thing that was going to make me happy.

Always looking at everyone else’s results and blaming myself for not getting the same thing.

Living a life in which I am constantly hankering for more, for the next level, the vision board, the end result.


I want to spend my days doing whatever the hell I want, playfully taking action, spending time doing things that set my soul on fire, exploring and adventuring my way through life.

So that’s what I do now.

I turn my Big Things (because I’m a multipotentialite who always has a new idea!) into reality step by step and by doing that, I am able to live the life I know I’m here for. 

Want to know more about me? Head over here and let’s get personal.

I felt Lottie completely understood my situation and working through my intentions with her was extremely comfortable as she gently teased out all of the key areas of my personal and professional growth that I was feeling challenged by. I had previously had months of coaching, yet with Lottie, we drilled right down to the foundation of my ‘WHY’ and began to build some personal goals on that in such a short time.
It was like flicking a switch, with the biggest realisation being I didn’t have to have the same goals and compare myself to all other the other people leaping from their corporate careers and really could take a less traditional path that works for me. I now have so much more clarity.
Many M