Are You Being Strategic Running Your Business Or Winging It?

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I fought against running my business as a business for a long time.

I thought that if I focused on the things I love to do and just did what I felt like every day, business growth would come naturally simply because I wanted it 💫.

And when it didn’t, I presumed it was because I wasn’t wanting it enough or hadn’t manifested it hard enough.

I had this idea that I couldn’t have fun, fill my days with things I wanted to do AND have a strategic business mindset at the same time 🛑.

I thought it was simply enough to want it and that everything that’s meant to happen, happens if we allow it to.

I believed that having a plan would stop me from being open to opportunities and ideas that come up along the way. I thought I’d feel trapped 😣.

Spoiler alert: That’s not the case.

Since being more strategic with all elements of my business, there’s been a shift 🎉.

I’ve realised the belief I had about running my business being boring once I started doing all the ‘business things’ isn’t true.

Instead, knowing how many clients I need to pay the bills, creating a plan for launches and services, and understanding how to find and grow my audience, provides purpose for my actions and a plan to keep me on track ✅.
I replaced my fear with an understanding that that I can still do the things I love to do; have client sessions, write content, walk the dog during the day, go to yoga and network, in addition to doing the business things too. In fact, it’s imperative that both ‘sides’ of the business get done.

I’ve accepted that I can combine strategy, planning, business while living life to the beat of my own drum 🥁.

Tell me, are you strategic in your business or are you winging it and hoping for the best?

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