Mental Wellbeing & Mindful Magic for New Mamas

Go from an overwhelmed, anxious and isolated new mum to a grounded, at peace and content mum who knows how to take care of themselves.

If you started your transition to motherhood with big dreams of nothing but happiness everytime you gaze at your new born baby, confident in your new responsibility and trusting that you know who you are, only to find that you spend most of your days feeling alone, not trusting your own decisions, googling everything, it’s time to make a change.

I get it. I’ve been there dreaming of feeling nothing but happiness every time you gaze down at your newborn baby, feeling confident in your responsibility and new role as a mother. But in reality you’re unable to trust your own decisions and judgement, and swing from utter joy to deep despair and overwhelm.

Yes, everyone said it would be hard. But ‘hard’ doesn’t cut it. Each day feels like it simultaneously eleventy billion hours long and passes in the blink of an eye with no time to breathe.

Every day the doubt creeps in a little more and the darkness gets a little closer. Your innate deep rooted feeling of love is overshadowed by the lack of trust, the fear and the worry that you’re doing it all wrong.

You have no idea how you can be so smitten with something so little but also so resentful that there’s no time for you, no time to catch your breath.

Mama, it’s time to press pause.

Imagine what it would be like to trust that what you’re doing is right, that nothing needs fixing or repairing.

Imagine connecting with other new mums with the same feelings and experiences, knowing that you’re not alone.

Imagine a week in which you put aside 90 minutes to press pause and take a step back from monotony.

Imagine a space in which it’s safe to share your deepest thoughts, to let the feelings you’re trying so hard to squash to come to the surface.

Magical Mindful Mama sessions are your opportunity to breathe, to reconnect with yourself and stay grounded and present. These sessions help get you out of your own head, tune out the never-ending thoughts and dampen the head chatter.

We don’t believe that feelings should be fixed, that emotions should be changed.

We revel in the moment, embracing the joy, the yuckiness and the tears safe in the knowledge that every moment, every feeling, will pass.

These Sessions Are For You If

– You’re a new mum and you’re struggling under the weight of responsibility and fear.

– You can’t remember when you last took the time to drink a hot cup of tea (or glass of wine).

– You’re feeling lost while navigating the life-changing transition of bringing new life into the world.

– You feel alone and isolated despite having someone touching you 24/7

– You spend more time googling ‘how long should my baby sleep for’ than embracing the joy that comes when your baby finally sleeps

– You would like to learn simple techniques that will help manage your mental wellbeing and support you and your baby navigate the ups and downs as you find your feet together

Before we spend time together, let’s get to know each other.

Hi, I am Lottie

I’m a new mum (just like you), a Mindfulness & Mental Wellbeing Mentor, and the Founder of Imperfections & Reflections.

I am on a mission to normalise the fact that we don’t all feel joy in every moment and that other feelings creeping into our day don’t mean we need fixing, changing or improving.

I am curious enough about myself to understand that if I get down and dirty and get to know the inner me, I will feel more at home. This knowledge took me on a wellbeing journey and led me to the realisation that mindfulness, intention and being present is vital for my own mental health and wellbeing.

But, despite this knowledge, I abandoned myself during my pregnancy and the start of life as a new mum. I felt I was too busy trying to prepare for her arrival, to get everything ready, to tie up loose ends in my business. And then once she was here I was consumed with emotions and felt paralysed with fear, anxiety and isolation.

Over the course of my pregnancy and the first few months as a mum, my mental wellbeing deteriorated. It took me a while to realise the decline was due to me not looking after myself and not taking time out to calm the inner chaos. Instead, I was allowing it to swirl away inside me.

I was giving space to all the feelings of anxiety, overwhelm, fear and doubt and falling into the trap of thinking they were there to stay, rather than accepting them as temporary,

I fixated on the fact I should be doing, feeling and being better.

When Matilda was 5 months old I trained as a Mindfulness Mentor with Mindful Magic and then as a Mental Wellbeing Practitioner with Beyond Birth.

Now I am on a mission to support other new mums on the journey I have been on by providing space, time and support for you to catch your breath and express your feelings.

These mindfulness sessions are an opportunity for you to press pause each week and to dedicate some time to yourself. No one else.

Outside of being a Mindfulness & Mental Wellbeing Mentor, it’s my mission to empower women to live life to the beat of their own drum, to understand that those feelings you feel? They are valid. The little ball of bubbles that fizzes away inside you? That doesn’t need fixing.

What makes these sessions different from the endless slew of mindfulness options out there? 

Using a combination of the Beyond Birth and Mindful Magic frameworks, each session includes an opportunity to breathe, move, create, meditate and let go. By the end of a session you will feel at peace, trusting and ready to face the world again.

Over the course of 12 weeks we will cover 6 themes, Nurture, Connections , Nourish, Emotions, Healing & Recovery, and Transformation, to prevent, protect and preserve parental mental health by bringing in simple, effective practices into daily life.

Each course of sessions incorporates:

– Calming breathing techniques and guided meditations will help you relax and still the butterflies.

Reflective questions and journalling prompts.

Easy, effective, enjoyable self care techniques.

Evidence-based information on mental wellbeing and how to manage it.

– Mindful exercises to make you feel more present and grounded enabling you to tune out the should do and should be chatter and instead be kind and compassionate to yourself while communicating more calmly with loved ones.

– Mindfulness tools are designed to support you between sessions enabling you to revisit the feelings of calm amidst the chaos of new motherhood.

– Spending time with other new mums reminds you you’re not alone in this transition and will help you feel more confident in your new role as a mum.

Workbooks and resources.

Dad and Partner tips and signposting.

Let’s fast forward 6 months, to when ‘your baby needs you less’, to when you ‘know what you’re doing’ and to when ‘there’s more time in the day’

The reality is, things will be just as they are now, the exhaustion, fear and anxiety will all still be bubbling away competing to overtake the feelings of pride, being fulfilled and of love.

Can you cope with a never ending battle of needing to catch your breath but waiting until the time is right?

Right now you might be thinking that you cannot take time for yourself. But here’s the thing – you are a priority too. Yes, you need some self care, TLC and time to yourself. And I’m only asking you to dedicate 90 minutes a week to yourself (plus the baby can be there too).

You might also be listening to the head chatter shouting that you shouldn’t invest money in yourself when your baby needs so much. But, the reality is, investing in you is an investment in them too.

You could continue as you are now but do you really want to lose your sense of self as your journey to motherhood continues?

Are you ready to embrace the present and push the darkness away?

Are you ready to feel peaceful, courageous and trusting of yourself?

Join me each week for 90 minutes of guided meditation, breathing exercises, gentle movement and creative activities to dampen the head chatter and instil the inner peace you crave. 


Let’s do this together, mama.

Ready for some New Mama Time?

Sign up to join me each week to reconnect with yourself and find your inner calm through meditation, mindfulness tools and breathing exercises.

The next block of 12 sessions begins on Friday 12th March 2021 at 10 am GMT and goes on for 12 weeks

Alternatively, you can join the waitlist for subsequent sessions or suggest other days and times

“Within each one of us is a reservoir of peace and wisdom.
Within us we have everything we need to navigate life and motherhood.”

Mindful Mamas


How old can my baby be?

These sessions are designed for mums with babes in arms so as long as your baby can sit with you, you will be able to get the most from the session.

What if my baby isn’t settled, cries or needs to feed?

That’s fine! You can do whatever you need to during these sessions and feel free to have your camera on or off or a mix of both as and when you need.

How often are the sessions?

Once a week, every Wednesday morning at 11am (GMT)

How much does it cost?

£50/month for one 90 minute session a week (four each month) Each package runs for three months.

What happens if I miss a session?

I get it, life happens. If you’re unable to make a session just come back and join us when you can.

How does it work?

Once you’ve signed up you’ll receive a zoom link. We will meet there every week.

What do I need?

In most cases you won’t need anything other than yourself, a pen and paper and a hot cup of tea/coffee. If I am planning a creative activity that requires anything special, I will let you know ahead of the session.

What if I can’t attend any of the days and times you’re running sessions?

I plan to add more session as there’s a need so just sign up for my waiting list and I will be in touch. Alternatively, if you have a group of new mamas and would like to have your own group, email me and we can arrange that. 

Aren’t I meant to do this stuff daily?

We’re all bombarded with messages about how cresting good, daily habits changes lives. But the reality is, we’re busy. Taking time once a week is better than no time at all. And who knows, once you’ve pressed pause on everything else for our time together, maybe it will be easier on other days too. But, if it’s not and this is the time you dedicate to yourself each week, just know that that is more than ok too.