We’re Often Seen As Lucky

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As business owners and entrepreneurs we’re often deemed to be lucky.

Lucky that we can make our own choices, fill our days now we choose, set our own schedule, our own goals, choose what we want to work on and the strategies we want to implement.

But, the fact that everything is on you isn’t always dreamy.

Those days when anxiety hits and all you can focus on is what everyone around you is doing and how much ‘better’ they are than you?

The times when you just can’t drag yourself out of bed?

All those days when it’s all on you to just keep going despite the darkness that creeps in?

The days where it feels like you have no purpose, no reason to do anything and no need to turn off Netflix?

It’s not so fun.

Those are the times when it hits home, everything is on you.

If you don’t get out of bed and do something you won’t get clients (and there’s no one else to blame)

If you don’t post on social media you won’t build your audience and you won’t make sales (and there’s no one else to blame)

If you don’t meet that deadline you won’t get paid (and there’s no one else to blame)

As your own boss there’s no just turning up for work and going through the motions without giving a shit.

There’s no accountability, no purpose, no drive without you creating it.

And in those dark times, that’s not so easy.

So yes, being your own boss means doing what you want to do.

But when you don’t want to do anything, the pressure hits. The darkness creeps closer and the walls close in.

I used to fight these times, the moments of despair.

Now I lean into them.

I give myself permission to feel, to not take action and to not try to fix my feelings.

I talk about the bleakness rather than try to ignore it.

And right now, if the darkness is lingering, I want you to know you’re not alone 💕

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