WordPress Consulting


There are so many other things you know you need to keep on top of, so many other things you actually enjoy doing.

So ‘fixing’ your website just slips further and further down the To Do list.

You’re in the stages of your business where every penny counts and the prospect of outsourcing website related tasks is likely to be expensive. An expense you’re sure you can’t justify right now when there’s Google and you have got this far on your own.

But the thought of wasting any more time just to feel more confused makes you want to cry.

I get it.

You just want someone to tell you how YOU can do it.
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How it works:

You tell me what you need help with and what’s holding your website back.

I log in to your WordPress dashboard and make a tutorial showing you how to change X, Y and Z.

I then send you the personalised tutorial and any useful resources you might need so that you can log in do the work then carry on with the fun stuff.

Alternatively, we can do the tutorial live and you get to ask me any questions as I walk you through making the changes.

This is perfect for you if:

  • WordPress is your nemesis and the thought of logging in brings you out in a sweat
  • You need to make formatting changes to each of your 56 blog posts
  • You need to know how to optimise each post or page for SEO
  • You have no idea how to configure your social share plugin so readers can share content with their audiences
  • You need to add new pages and have no idea how to make them look the same as your current ones
  • You would like to be able to edit your sidebar widgets / popup content to showcase new offers as and when necessary

Think of me like a personalised WordPress Consultant in your pocket – you get all the tech support and knowledge you need to improve and manage your site without the large price tag or long term commitment.
This comprehensive, personalised website analysis AND a follow-up plan is perfect for you if: