Ask Me Anything Session with Implementation Support


Are you dreaming of running your own business? Or traveling the world full time? Of being able to spend your days with long lunches and afternoon yoga classes?

Do you have a vision, a dream of how you crave your life to look? But, no matter how hard you manifest, how much you journal and how consistently you act as the future you, nothing changes?

Together we’ll help you get out of your own way.

My background includes running a social enterprise, blogging, business strategy, monetisation, being a digital nomad, living a location independent life, living in a caravan, designing a tiny home, and more.

So instead of me determining what to tackle in a session, these Ask me Anything sessions are all about you!

Wondering what we could tackle in 90 minutes?

💰 How to run a Facebook group and generate an income

💰 How to generate passive income from a website

🙏 How to grow your website / blog traffic

🎉 Blogging best practices

💰 Living in, and running a business from, a tiny home

🎉 Living life to the beat of your own drum

🎉 How to get started as a Digital Nomad

🎉 Whether being a Digital Nomad or living a location independent lifestyle is right for you

🎉 Starting and running an online business

🎉 How to make your website work for you and your ideal clients/customers

🙏 How to use social media to grow your audience