Game Plan Session

Let the overwhelm you’re feeling about creating your dream business, fall away.

Fun client work, long walks, afternoon yoga workouts, late lunches, more time with the kids, extended holidays, a healthy bank account.

Life is meant to be filled with activities that light your soul on fire. Running your own business was meant to enable you to live that life. The one you dream of.

But in reality, your days are filled with doing ALL THE THINGS. Long, exhausting days are filled with being busy while simultaneously, making no progress. Days pass by in a blur of checking things off a never-ending to do list while adding more on the end.

You know what you want your life and business to look like but just cannot work out how to cut through all the confusion, overwhelm and fear to get there.

Being ‘business like’ and ‘getting strategic’ sounds dull and you’re not running your business to be bored, you’re running it so you can live life to the beat of your own drum.

The problem is your intuition is hammering away inside you, telling you what to do and nudging you forwards but you’re focussing on what everyone else is doing and trying to align with that instead.

You’re caught up in what you ‘should’ be doing rather than stepping into what YOU want to be doing, rather than tuning into your why, your mission and your business.

It’s not surprising that with so much noise around you it’s hard to tune into your knowledge, your innate understanding of your business and to remember your why.

You’ve become stuck in paralysis, unable to see how to move forward, not sure what information to listen to and what to ignore and instead you’re living with a lack of clarity and feelings of overwhelm and confusion.

And I get it, it’s easy to brush off our own chatter in favour of others. It seems easier to listen to the ‘experts’ than to our internal dialogue.

Luckily for you, my superpower is bringing women like you back to your mission and your big dream while simultaneously creating an aligned strategy that’s filled with clear actions to get you moving with clarity and purpose.

Together, we’re going to dampen your head chatter, strip away all the shoulds and work out what you want to do to move your business forward.

We’ll do this by bringing your attention back to your own chatter and tuning into your intuition.

We will focus on you (your mission, your uniqueness, your purpose), your business (your services) AND your clients (their dreams, their problems, what lights them up, what makes them tick).

Together we’ll shift your focus away from everyone else and bring it back to you to create a Game Plan filled with actions you’re excited to take, actions that have purpose and that are aligned with you, your business and your why.

Following the 90 minute session, you will walk away with a Game Plan plus a week of one-to-one Implementation Support to ensure you keep up momentum.


Are you ready to let the overwhelm fall away and create a game plan that lights you up?

Yes, I need a game plan!

“Intuition is always right in at least two important ways;
It is always in response to something.
it always has your best interest at heart”

Why Me?

Hi, I am Lottie

My experience with fear and self doubt brought me to this point. Having listened to my intuition and followed a less traditional path through life, I found myself suddenly caught up in trying to do everything ‘properly’.

I forgot about the past 3 years, the clients I have worked with to turn their dreams into reality, the people I have supported to take action and launch their business. I brushed this off as being fun and easy rather than work which is meant to be hard. I discredited what I have achieved because I wasn’t hustling to work every hour of every day (some days I read books and don’t even open my laptop). I ‘worked on my limiting beliefs’ that were obviously holding me back from making 6 figures.

I felt overwhelmed and miserable. I couldn’t even remember why I wanted to spend my days like this.

Digging deep I realised this discomfort was coming from me trying to create a vision for how I wanted my life to be and then attempting to steer it there. I was caught up in the chatter in my head and the expectations, goals and objectives of the people around me. I had lost trust in myself. Trust in my intuition. Intuition that has always steered me to where I want to be even when I didn’t know where that was.

Life and business should be fun and exciting.

We have enough less than delightful things to deal with (tax returns anyone?,) so why do we do our best to make the things that can be easy and light, difficult and overwhelming?

End your thinking that the life and business you love have to be hard.

I’m here to help you do that.

It’s my mission to make sure you love everything about what you do.

And that you feel secure enough to do them.

No more courses. No more doubt. No more webinars.

Trust your intuition.

You’re ready for what’s next.

Yes, I need a game plan!

I felt Lottie completely understood my situation and working through my intentions with her was extremely comfortable as she gently teased out all of the key areas of my personal and professional growth that I was feeling challenged by. I had previously had months of coaching, yet with Lottie, we drilled right down to the foundation of my ‘WHY’ and began to build some personal goals on that in such a short time.
It was like flicking a switch, with the biggest realisation being I didn’t have to have the same goals and compare myself to all other the other people leaping from their corporate careers and really could take a less traditional path that works for me. I now have so much more clarity.