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It’s not about having an idea, it’s about making an idea happen.

Hello Entrepreneur!

Is your website looking a little tired and outdated? Does it no longer serve its purpose for your ever-expanding business? Are you tired of spending hours trying to make your site look ‘just right’ and not feeling like you’re getting somewhere?

Maybe you haven’t yet got your website up and running, it’s still a vision in your head and you have no idea how to turn it into a real ‘thing’

Whether you’re looking for a redesign or a new site, my comprehensive packages will take your website from tired and lacklustre to sparkling, intuitive and fully optimised for both site speed and SEO.


Using the Divi theme I will create an intuitive layout, implement your branding across the site and create clear calls to action for your users.

Once created, I will teach you how you can maintain and manage the site yourself in case you don’t want to jump on board with one of my maintenance packages.

If we’re working on a new site, all this will be done on a staging area so your current site experiences no downtime.

I always include 2 design revisions, your new site won’t go live until you’re totally happy with it.

We could totally exchange a few messages, or emails, and both make a decision based on those, whether we’d like to work together. I mean, it’s likely that my dazzling wit, friendliness and website knowledge will come across in those. Just as I will get a feel for exactly what you want from your website from those few lines.

However, if you’re up for creating a working relationship that’s based on more than a few lines of type and a proposal, I would love to get to know you, and therefore your business. I choose to create websites for women who have something they are passionate about and who have built a business around it. This is partly because I love to work with driven women who know they are meant for more than just the 9-5 building someone else’s empire and partly because I am nosey and love to chat to new people! Knowing the faces, the laughter, the passion and the tears that happen behind the scenes is a part of me getting to know you and creating the perfect website that does exactly what you want it to do.

So, the process I go through with my clients is for us to hop on a call (feel free to bring coffee or wine), have a chat about life, your business, and the vision you have in your head for your website. I will then put together a personalised proposal and we can take it from there!

If you’re ready for us to chat, you can book a call.


Ready to get started?

What You Get

Lifetime access to a premium Elegant Themes theme (either Divi or Extra) installed on your WordPress account with your own API key and updates for continued use (approx £200 value)

A personalised Child Theme to ensure the website is protected from update malfunctions

Painless transfer of your site from your current provider to a self hosted account with support configuring your hosting (If necessary)

Personalised training to demonstrate how you can use your theme once the rebrand is completed, to publish new posts and pages (£150 value)

Personalised site speed optimisation configuration through a premium plugin with one year of updates (£100 value)

Analysis and streamlining of your current WordPress plugin set up (£150 value)

An intuitive home-page design

Sidebar design and configuration

Creation of up to five pages (e.g. contact/services/work with me)

Bulk image optimisation

Intuitive navigation design

A template that can be used to add future pages ensuring the new look is consistent across the site while saving you time for each page you publish

A template that can be used to add future posts ensuring the new look is consistent across the site while saving you time for each post you publish

Active social media links as part of the new header and footer

A brand and style board that represents your personality and voice (if you already have this, I can work from that)

Your branding colours and fonts implemented across the website with font styling set up so you can easily continue implementing the brand with new content

Set up of an email provider (Mailchimp, Mailerlite etc) to build your email list

Affiliate configuration

Site wide SEO optimisation

Up to 10 optimised category landing pages

Two rounds of small design revisions based on your feedback

My Portfolio

Curious to see the sites I have built (other than this one)? Have a nose through the links below to see projects ranging from new builds, redesigns and revamps.

Female Travel Bloggers

FTB is the online home to a community of over 6.600 travel bloggers from all around the world. Accompanying the FB community, the website represents the brand, showcases resources and enables users to easily find the information they needed.

PodGuest Directory

Lynsay required a new WordPress website that would house a directory in which users could sign up to have a listing or browse registered listings. The site also needed to provide seamless integration from her main domain in order to avoid brand confusion.

The Gilded Bird

The Gilded Bird, started by mum of 3 who knew there was a need for beautiful baby change mats, already had a home on Amazon. I created a website with an online store enabling the brand to build its own reputation and sell directly to customers around the world.

The Real Uganda

In addition to a new logo, this project saw the website layout, overall style and main landing pages have a facelift with templates so that Leslie can continue the newly designed pages across the rest of the site in her own time. 

Global Handprints

Global Handprints is a small social enterprise that offers Professional Development Placements in schools in rural South Africa. They recently underwent a facelift with new branding and this new website.

Your Unscripted Life

Pam came to me for help with a rebrand. She had new colours, a new logo and a new domain that all needed implementing. Her original layout needed tweaking to work with the new fonts and style giving her business a total overhaul.

Travel Connect Experience

This project was a total redesign with a new website alongside new branding and a new logo! Having moved over to WordPress just before the redesign, the Divi theme was put to good use with dynamic module styling and plenty of templates enabling Annalisa to continue adding content with the same style. 


Following a minor redesign and general site optimisation in 2018, Jamie came back to me wanting to give the whole website a revamp with new landing pages, streamlined navigation, and highlighted CTAs to make better use of the Divi Theme.

Wandering Chocobo

As Susanna moved into more serious travel blogging, her blog needed a revamp. She wanted something that reflected her personality and carried the brand across the whole site.

Know Your World

As one of my earliest website’s Know Your World was a new build project for an entrepreneurial start-up. The objective was to highlight the blog resources and encourage users to sign up to get more information about the services on offer.

Be Journeyful

Camila came to me with the barebones of a travel blog she had been trying to create for a long time! I took her vision and created an online home for all her musings on mindfulness and travel.

Girl With The Passport

Following a 2017 rebrand with a new logo and new colours and fonts, recently this branding and style were carried over into new landing pages. The objective was to represent Kelly’s quirky and entertaining personality in her blog. 

Travel For Life Now

Having had various issues with site speed and theme conflicts, TFLN project was a full redesign using the Divi theme. As a travel blog, the objective is to encourage users to stay on the site browsing, sharing and engaging with relevant content. 

Tracey Forgue

Tracey required a new website that showcased her professional career in place of a resume and enabled potential clients to find out more about her and then to get in touch. 

Lottie Reeves

Prior to this website, my site looked very different! Focussing on a feminine, whimsical, dreamy theme, this site highlighted web development services. 

Client Love

Lottie created my personal and professional website which I use to establish both a personal brand and detail my skills and offerings as a professional.

This was the second website that I worked on with Lottie, and in her typical fashion, she was able to take a complex requirement (my need to appeal to a large demographic of viewers) and design the website in a way that was functional and aesthetically pleasing. She was also an excellent advisor on how best to capture and guide the attention of my website visitors.

I very much recommend Lottie for website design, development as well as social media and any type of digital management needs.

~ Tracey – Know Your World

I highly recommend Lottie. She did a complete redesign of our travel blog. She was very responsive and inclusive of our ideas and sensibilities.

I LOVE the new design.

She also took time to teach us how to do new posts. We are not very techy and being able to work with Lottie has been very helpful to us.

~ Sue – Travel For Life Now

Lottie helped me customise the look of the webshop on my travel blog. She was quick, reliable and very responsive throughout the process – she even made a few additional changes I had not requested initially.

My webshop would have not looked the same with out her and I’d work with her again anytime!

~ Kathi – Watch Me See

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