Website Analysis

The only people who see the whole picture are the ones who step outside the frame.

Hello Rebellious One!

We’ve all been there, your website is finally up and running and you’re proudly sharing it with the world. You’re expecting the bookings and enquiries to come flooding in.

But instead?


No sign-ups for your fabulous email series, nothing from the contact form, no bookings.

No love for any of the things you have poured your heart and soul into creating.

You ‘knew’ that creating a website was crucial because in this day and age having a website is a sign of having your own business. But in those frantic efforts to get your website up, you forgot the most important thing.

It’s no good having any old website.

Instead, your website needs to be engaging, intuitive to use and lead users on a journey to get to know you and what you offer.

That my friend is where I come in. I’m going to go through your website with a fine-tooth comb and then come back to you with an actionable plan of adjustments and change you can make to get your website working. Working for you and for your ideal paying client. 

Website Analysis

A comprehensive, personalised website analysis AND a follow up plan.

This is perfect for you if

– You’re not getting any traffic to your website
– Your analytics tell you people are landing on your site but they aren’t hanging around or taking any actions
– You have no idea what journey your website leads users on, or in fact what journey you’d like them to go on
– You’re wondering what the point of having a website is!

I will go through your website and analyse it based on
Your user’s experience
– The journey you take them on versus the journey you want to take them on
– SEO and site speed
– How you and your brand comes across
– Clarity and placement of your calls to action

Once you have implemented my suggestions, you can expect

To be excited to share your website all over again
Excitement about blogging and getting your content out there
Lower bounce rates

A busier email list
An increased fan base
High traffic


NOTE: Please include the URL to your website in the order notes section and feel free to add any comments about specific elements you’d like considered.

Client Love

I just finished working with Lottie on a new theme installation and redesign of my blog and I am over the moon happy.
I’m a bit of a control freak, so I was worried to hand it over to anyone else, but I sent Lottie a picture of what I wanted my site to look like and after a few revisions the final product is the blog of my dreams.
Lottie made sure my new theme was installed and all my posts and pages were set up with the new theme. She also helped me with the redesign. Before she handed the site back to me, she designed templates and made videos so I could see how to do things on my own and set up new pages with her templates.
I’m excited about blogging again with my fresh theme and can’t thank Lottie enough for listening to me and making my vision come to life. I highly recommend her services if anyone is scared to change themes or looking for some help with a redesign or layout concerns.

~ Susanna K.
Wandering Chocobo

I highly recommend Lottie. She did a complete redesign of our travel blog. She was very responsive and inclusive of our ideas and sensibilities.
I LOVE the new design.
She also took time to teach us how to do new posts. We are not very techy and being able to work with Lottie has been very helpful to us.

~ Sue D.
Travel For Life Now

Lottie is not only an excellent website development and social media manager, but she is also a great advisor on how to best capture the attention of your key audience which is important in the digital marketplace.
In addition to her technical development and excellent web design skills, she has gone above and beyond to truly understand how to manage the online presence of a business. This was a very key component for me when I started Know Your World, because this company was an online start-up and I didn’t have the knowledge or experience to know what I should have been doing within digital marketing and social media.
Lottie was not only my Digital Manager, but she was also my key advisor on creating and maintaining the online image that I want to establish and imprint in the minds of my community and customers.

Tracey F
Know Your World