The Self Development Rebellion

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Over the last few years, I’ve seen the coaching industry morph into something that is fundamentally based on you, me, all of us, not feeling like we’re enough. Whether that’s not good-looking enough, not successful enough, not happy enough, not rich enough, not fit enough.

Just plain and simple not good enough.

The self-development industry zeroes in on those feelings. It provides you with systems, blueprints, instructions, strategies, methods, ‘things’ that you can do to make yourself better. Things that you can do to move into being this better version of yourself – the improved you who then deserves all you desire.

And while some of us thrive off being instructed and told what to do and how to do it, the self-development industry manages to turn this into you not knowing enough on your own, into you being responsible for the things that do and don’t happen. It drives you into wanting to ‘get better’ from a negative place, a perspective in which we’re angry, pessimistic, envious and desperate for change.

You’re led down a path of developing yourself because you feel like you have to, that the only way you’ll ever be able to live the life you crave is by becoming better. It’s only once you have gone through all the steps and come out the other side, fully emerged as a perfect version of the best self you can be, that you’ll be fully happy.

Instead, the Self Development Rebellion comes from a place of growth. Of choosing to explore from a place of positivity and a perspective that you’re perfectly fine, in fact, that you’re pretty awesome, just as you are.

I am not for a second saying ‘working on yourself’ is unnecessary – far from it.

It’s about growth not improvement.

It’s about making shifts rather than changes.

It’s about you and your own subconscious needs instead of doing what other people do.

Instead of journaling and manifesting because those you deem to be successful suggest that’s THE way to achieve their success, look inside and see IF there’s anything you’d like to shift to grow as a person.

Come at it from a place of curiosity, playfulness and openness.

Throw yourself into personal growth because you want to and not because you feel that if you don’t you’ll be responsible for subsequent successes and failures.

The Self Development Rebellion is resistance to following in everyone else’s footsteps, to charging head first into having to improve yourself. It’s a permission slip to be who you are safe in the knowledge that you can live the life you dream of, you can run a successful business, you can fill your days with people, places and actions that bring a smile to your face.

It’s time to rebel.
Time to be curious. Be brave. Be playful.
Be you.

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