Self Care Subscription

Are you ready to make time for yourself without letting all the balls drop?

A peaceful meditation.

A restorative tapping session.

A productive journal entry.

You dream of time spent pressing pause on your busy life allowing you to stop, take a breath and turn inwards.

Making time for yourself was supposed to be peaceful, joyful and simple.

It was meant to be so easy.

Instead, life has crept in.

Your days are spent looking after everyone else, getting through that to do list and focusing on moving forward.

Before you know it another week of treading water has passed with no time for you.

You’re collecting tapping scripts, meditation tracks, journaling prompts left right and centre.

Promising yourself that tomorrow you’ll take 5 minutes for yourself. That you’ll treat yourself to some me time, telling yourself you’ll dive in once everything is ticked off and everyone else is taken care of.

But at this point you can’t remember who you are away from the children, the business, the partner.

Who you are when you stop to just be.

It doesn’t have to be that way. No more “I’ll ‘just cross one more thing off the list”

No more “i’ll make time tomorrow”

No more “they need me more”

Instead, let’s make time for you. 

Imagine taking time for yourself right now, a week in which you have the chance to press pause and catch your breath.

A day in which instead of resenting your endless To Do list, being pulled in a million directions and your consistent broken promise to yourself, you feel at peace, grounded and calm.


Why Self Care is Important 
The demands and monotony of everyday life are often overwhelming;

Looking after your family, being engaged with friends, running your business, working for someone else, trying to look after your health. The list goes on.

And as the list goes on, the pressure increases and the chances of burn out, depression and anxiety, increase.

As we exist in a society that often makes us feel guilty for taking time to ourself, it’s even harder to take time for yourself. But it’s equally more important than ever.

Prioritising yourself can:

– Reduce stress enabling you to relax and enjoy time spent with loved ones, working on your business, maybe even the laundry, more!

Allow time for reflection, deeper thinking and creativity to flow – all crucial elements to surviving life in the 21st century.

Improve your relationships with yourself but also with those around you.

How It Works

Think of our sessions like co-working sessions for wellness.

As A Me Time Member, you will join me for 90 minutes a week to make good on the promise you made to look after yourself.

We’ll meet as a small group and start by dedicating a Love Note to the week before, acknowledging anything that happened and the feelings we felt.

We’ll then move on to each spend time on the things you keep putting off. Whether that’s a tapping script, a yoga flow, or even a pillow for a nap.

This is your time.

Mute the mic, turn off the camera and breathe.

We’ll then come back together to set an intention for the upcoming week (unless you’re napping and then I’ll leave you be!)

Wondering what makes this time different from other Zoom meetings, mindfulness or co-working sessions? Our time together is filled with whatever you would like it to be filled with. You choose what you need, what your heart is calling out for. This is guilt-free time to dedicate to your own journey in mindfulness and wellbeing.

What You Get



We’re surrounded by messages telling us everything needs to be perfect, our days need to be filled with moments of joy and happiness and anything less than that is a failure. We’re conditioned to focus on the negatives and try and fix them. In this space, we reflect on the experiences and feelings that have come up and embrace them for what they are and have been. 


Time to yourself, away from distractions, away from the promises you make to everyone else. Time to focus on the things you need to keep you grounded and at peace, to help you face each day as it comes.


It’s easy to tell ourselves we will start the daily journal practise tomorrow, that we will take 10 minutes to meditate once the laundry is done/dishes are cleaned/kids are dressed. But life creeps in. Every dam time. Join me for accountability in creating the habit of putting yourself first, starting with just 90 minutes a week. 

This Is For You If

– You frequently feel overwhelmed by all the things you need to get done for everyone else and for your business.

– You love the idea of meditating, tapping, journaling – all the good stuff, but just cannot find the time for it no matter how many times you promise yourself next week will be different.

– You have a habit you’d like to create but need a helping hand to do so – as well as other people to keep you company along the journey.

Ready for some ‘Me’ Time?

Sign up to make good on that promise you make weekly and start dedicating time to yourself.

(You will receive a confirmation email with the session details within a few hours)

Meet your Host

Hi, I am Lottie

I’m the Founder of Imperfections and Reflections – a little corner of the world where I hope you come to feel at home. Where you come to understand that you’re perfectly imperfect just as you are, no fixing required.

I am curious enough about myself to understand that if I get down and dirty and get to know the inner me, I will feel more at home. So I try to make time for tapping, for journalling, for mindfulness and for peace and quiet in amidst the crazy. But, it doesn’t always work.

And that’s why I created the ‘Me’ Time membership.

I know you’re busy too. That there are a million and one other things, tasks and people that you put before yourself.

But I also know that I feel so much better, so much more grounded and alive when I have stopped to take a breath, to hit pause and to focus on myself. These aren’t co-working sessions because there’s no work to be done, no work required, no fixing necessary. They are an opportunity for you to press pause each week, to catch your breath and to dedicate some time to yourself. No one else. 

Outside of these sessions, it’s my mission to empower women to live life to the beat of their own drum, to understand that those feelings you feel? They are valid. The little ball of bubbles that fizzes away inside you? That doesn’t need fixing.

My goal is to enable courageous women like you to follow their dreams and live the life they crave.

I’ve transitioned from working for someone else to finding what lights me up and filling my days with doing that. I have learned to listen to my intuition and to follow the gentle nudges as she guides me down the path I am meant to be on.

My background in education, project management and business development combined with my passion to see you living the life you crave makes me the best coach you could have

My experience with fear and self doubt brought me to this point. Having listened to my intuition and followed a less traditional path through life, I found myself suddenly caught up in trying to do everything ‘properly’. I felt overwhelmed and miserable. I couldn’t even remember why I wanted to spend my days like this.

Digging deep I realised this discomfort was coming from me trying to create a vision for how my life should be and then attempting to steer it there.

I was caught up in the chatter in my head and the expectations, goals and objectives of the people around me.

I had lost trust in myself. Trust in my intuition. An intuition that has always steered me to where I want to be even when I didn’t know where that was.

Life as and adult should be fun and exciting.

Slowly I leaned into the drumbeat and let it drown out the head chatter and external noise and found my way back to living a life I love.

I’m here to help you do that.

“If you want to conquer the anxiety of life,

live in the moment, live in the breath.”

Amit Ray


How much does it cost:


How does it work:

Once you’ve signed up you’ll receive a zoom link. We will meet there every Thursday from 10-11:30am GMT. You can spend this time doing whatever it is that you’re struggling to make time for during the rest of the week.

What do I need:

You know those ‘things’ you’ve been collecting, saving for when you make time for yourself? Bring them. Anything goes, tapping, journaling, yoga, meditation, essential oils, books. This is your time to spend how you choose.

Aren’t I meant to do this stuff daily?

We’re all bombarded with messages about how cresting good, daily habits changes lives. But the reality is, we’re busy. Taking time once a week is better than no time at all. And who knows, once you’ve pressed pause on everything else for our time together, maybe it will be easier on other days too. But, if it’s not and this is the time you dedicate to yourself each week, just know that that is more than ok too.

I don’t have anything to bring:

That’s ok! I’ve been collecting mindfulness prompts for you, me and the dog. Send me a message before your first session and I will share some of the resources I love.

Client Love

As someone who’s never followed society’s “rules” it was hard to find a coach who understood me and what I’m doing with my life. But Lottie gets it because she’s living the same less traditional path.
If you’re wanting to live outside the box and want someone who can help you live that life, I highly recommend seeing if Lottie is the right person to help guide you through it. I know she is for me!

~ Heidi.

I thought I had a pretty good handle on where I was in my business. After discussions, questionings and deliberation with Lottie, she came up with a new way of delivering what was needed. It felt much more natural and instinctual.
We got a plan of action sorted and began to work our way through. A new skill for me was writing a blog piece and it all just felt like too big a task, with a blank screen in front of me. Lottie told me how to approach it and how to get around the blank page and the fear of getting it right from the start.
During our time together, Lottie was my sounding board, my editor in chief, my friend and my confidant. I cannot tell you how influential our face to face collaboration was, what we achieved in working so closely together was astounding. Lottie has a knack for words, a knack for writing and a knack for pulling out what it is you actually want.
Lottie has a skill of helping you see things more clearly and to steer you into what feels right, not because you feel it should be done the same old way. She gives you permission to explore and follow the adventure and to work in ways that are fun and exciting.

~ Sam W.

I felt Lottie completely understood my situation and working through my intentions with her was extremely comfortable as she gently teased out all of the key areas of my personal and professional growth that I was feeling challenged by. I had previously had months of coaching, yet with Lottie, we drilled right down to the foundation of my ‘WHY’ and began to build some personal goals on that in such a short time.
It was like flicking a switch, with the biggest realisation being I didn’t have to have the same goals and compare myself to all other the other people leaping from their corporate careers and really could take a less traditional path that works for me. I now have so much more clarity.

~ Mandy M.