Mental Wellbeing & Mindful Magic for New Mamas (March 2021)

£50.00 / month

Day and Time: Starting Friday 12th March 2021 at 10 am GMT and continuing for 12 weeks.

Payment: This package consists of 3 monthly payments of £50.

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Using a combination of the Beyond Birth and Mindful Magic frameworks, each session includes an opportunity to breathe, move, create, meditate and let go. By the end of a session you will feel at peace, trusting and ready to face the world again.

Over the course of 12 weeks we will cover 6 themes, Nurture, Connections , Nourish, Emotions, Healing & Recovery, and Transformation, to prevent, protect and preserve parental mental health by bringing in simple, effective practices into daily life.

Each course of sessions incorporates:
- Calming breathing techniques and guided meditations will help you relax and still the butterflies.

- Reflective questions and journalling prompts.

- Easy, effective, enjoyable self care techniques.

- Evidence-based information on mental wellbeing and how to manage it.

- Mindful exercises to make you feel more present and grounded enabling you to tune out the should do and should be chatter and instead be kind and compassionate to yourself while communicating more calmly with loved ones.

- Mindfulness tools are designed to support you between sessions enabling you to revisit the feelings of calm amidst the chaos of new motherhood.

- Spending time with other new mums reminds you you’re not alone in this transition and will help you feel more confident in your new role as a mum.

- Workbooks and resources.

- Dad and Partner tips and signposting.