Game Plan Session with Implementation Support


Relaxed mornings, long lunches, afternoon yoga, new adventures.

Running your own business was meant to be fun, easy and carefree.

It was meant to enable you to live your dream life, filled with activities that light your soul on fire.

Instead, long, exhausting days are packed with being busy while simultaneously, making no progress.

Together we’ll dampen your head chatter and the comparison-itus, strip away all the shoulds and work out what you want to do to move your blog forward.

You’ll walk away with a Game Plan filled with tasks that light your soul on fire plus the week of Implementation Support will make sure you don’t fall off the rails 🙂

What could 90 minutes change for you?

💡 If you’re feeling confused about what action to take, 90 minutes will create clarity.

📞 If you’re wondering why it gets to 3pm and all you’ve done are the things not on your list, in 90 minutes we’ll replace those with tasks you’re excited to do (in fact we’ll scratch the never-ending To-Do list totally).

🙏 If you’ve got all the ideas and can’t decide what one to focus on, we’ll take everything back to YOUR why and determine which idea to focus on right now.

🎉 If you’re worried that being ‘business-like’ and getting strategic is boring we’ll spend those 90 minutes ensuring the Game Plan excites and lights you up.

💰 These 90 minute sessions PLUS a week of one-to-one Implementation Support, will get you back on track and moving forward with aligned, playful and intuitive actions.