From One Product Fanatic To Another

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“So I’ve seen this course and I’m wondering whether it’s a good investment?”

As a recovering product fanatic, I love hearing this question from clients.

I used to not be able to say no to a course, webinar, masterclass – anything that promised to get me from A to B. And I have seventy billion signups to prove it.

Everytime I’d fall prey to great marketing and sales, convinced that the thing they were selling me was definitely what I needed. The thing that would change everything. The thing that would bridge my skills or knowledge and make the difference I’d been waiting for.

But more often than not that course, webinar, masterclass remains unopened, unwatched and unlistened to. Because once I step away from the online overwhelm I have the space to actually assess my own knowledge and skills which usually leads me to realise I already know enough for where I am right now.

So now when a client asks me if XYZ is a good investment, I ask them a few questions.

What do you specifically think you’ll learn from this and how will that benefit you?
What holes in your skills/knowledge do you think it will fill?
Do you have time to listen, follow, take the action that XYZ requires?
Do you need to know or learn XYZ right now?

Invariably they realise they do know XYZ, they just aren’t trusting themselves.

You see it’s so easy to get caught up in consuming, especially when we’re always surrounded by people telling us that their course is the thing we need. We’re constantly receiving messages that what we know and do aren’t enough.

What we need is the space, and permission, to step back and think about what we do know rather than what we don’t.

Tell me, do you allow yourself space and time to put into practise what you know already and to build trust in yourself?

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