It’s All A Load Of Bullshit

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Here we go, I am doing a thing. A thing that’s not a thing, according to the wise woman sitting next to me.

Early on in the year, I discovered the secret to happiness (don’t worry, I’ll let you in on it later once the suspense has built). The thing that makes everything else fall into place and that makes you wake up every day with a smile on your face knowing there’s cash coming in even when you’re not trying. The thing that puts you above everyone else and makes you a successful business/boss babe/mother/wife/human being.

I discovered mindset, manifestation and envisaging. I threw myself into daily journaling, I created vision boards, wrote out my perfect day, acted like the next level me (sorry Mastercard). I spoke about the things I wanted to attract into my life. I took part in business mindset challenges, money mindset challenges, all the challenges. I identified the limiting beliefs that were holding me back from making money, from being successful, and preventing me from living my best life. I journaled about these beliefs, identified them as untrue and endlessly wrote out new beliefs to supercede them.

I listened to podcasts, eagerly followed ‘successful women’ on all the social channels. I did it all. Everything they did and everything they told me to do.

Every day I checked my bank balance, waiting for the abundance I now knew I deserved, to arrive.

I eagerly watched my email waiting for the ideal clients I had stuck pictures of on my vision board, to contact me.

I acted like the next level me would do; drinking coffee, showering, cooking, sleeping and walking the dog just like I would as a successful, abundant woman.

No matter what I did, how many hours I scribbled away, how many visions I created and how much abundance I welcome into my life, only one thing changed. That thing? My anger with myself. Obviously I was doing it wrong; manifesting, journaling, envisaging – it was all wrong. It was my fault why nothing was changing, I needed to write more, picture my life with more clarity, attract more/better/faster.

And then, then I found it. The secret to happiness, the thing that breeds success (I told you we’d get there…)


Being me. Doing, speaking, and acting as me in the here and now.

It all clicked into place. Of course nothing was changing. I wasn’t doing anything. I wasn’t working on my business right now – hell, I didn’t even know what my business was. I was so focussed on the end result, I was missing out on all the beauty that comes from just being. I was ignoring my intuition – something that has always looked after me. I was closing myself off to anything that wasn’t part of the vision for my perfect day. And I of all people should know how quickly life can have you winding your way down new adventurous paths, if you let it.

Amidst the journaling, manifesting and envisaging, 2018 has been a year of personal reflection and of stepping into being me.

Having realised, as my mum eloquently put it, that working on mindset is all a load of bullshit, I threw my journal in the canal and got down to taking action (just kidding, that’s a little dramatic. It’s a really pretty and fairly expensive notebook so it’s now buried in a drawer somewhere).

Now, I am giving myself a break for not being where I ‘should’ be (compared to all those ‘successful women’). Instead of worrying about the big picture, I am doing the things I want to do – that might mean staying in bed until 11am, other days it might mean writing rambling musings like this and other days it means getting on with client work (clients who once I started actually putting my business out there in the real world and not in my journal, found me)

Now I feel like it’s time to share my adventure, both as a way of helping me put my thoughts into words but also, hopefully, as a way to inspire other women to just be, do and say whatever the hell they’d like to.

Introducing myself as the rebel coach…the coach who knows you’re not broken, you don’t need fixing, you are good enough and that it’s just a story you’re telling yourself, standing between you and your goal.

Are you ready to step away from the scribbling, manifesting and learning? Ready to take playful, daring action and take your dream business From The Drawing Board to reality?

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